Smoking, it is so alluring, pleasurable for some and perhaps the worst thing that you can possibly do to your body. Those who have been unlucky enough to start, and there are a lot of us know that quitting is the most difficult thing they have ever had to do. But they also know that quitting is essential if they want to live a full life. Smoking kills more people a year than almost everything else combined due to complications of lung disease and throat cancer. So the time to quit is now, actually the time to quit was yesterday.

But there are so many products out there that do not give you the results that you want. We all want instant gratification and we want to quit now but we do not want to quit feeling the sensation that we get after smoking a cigarette. So there is kind of a catch 22 where it becomes so hard to quit. Those who have tried the gum and patches know that these have helped some people quit but do not have a high success rate. Those who quit cold turkey run the risk of a ton of mental problems, and those that keep smoking will die.

So to make this hard thing harder, there are few things out there that actually work. Well vaporizers are the new wave of quitting smoking and they are so popular that even Apple has patented one. They believe in the technique so much that they are getting in on the semi ground level and you should too. Vaporizers and custom juice kits are the best way to quit and there is a very simple reason why, and we can help you find the top vaporizers with the help of ecigarettechannel.com vape.

With vaporizers and custom juice kits, which can come in a variety of awesome flavors, you are able to control the amount of nicotine that you get. You are getting the drug that your body craves but you are able to control how much of it you get. With patches and gum, you are not able to control these things and they may leave you feeling sick or wanting more. If you feel like you want more after using a vaporizer, just up the dose until your body says, okay that is enough.

Cold turkey is not the way to go because it creates a sort of system shock for the body. Weening yourself off slowly is the best way to go because you are in charge. Smoking quitting is all about control and with vaporizers you are the one in control of your own quitting. After hearing stories, people will simply passively reduce the amount of nicotine that they are getting just because they do not crave it anymore. And isn’t that the point of quitting? To do it for yourself?

You’ve tried everything else, now try the thing that actually works, a diy vape juice kit and vaporizer that lets you be in charge of your own smoking destiny.